Deleting the Simple Slider Component from a project doesn't remove the link to swiper-icons.css

Bootstrap Studio 6.4.5

If you add and then delete the Simple Slider Component, along with all the associated CSS and JS files, the link to the swiper-icons.css file remains in the head section.

Some time ago I came across something similar, but it was with the js at the end of the file, tag Martin here so he can see this issue.

When you delete a component from the overview panel you need to manually delete any css, js and fonts the the component is using.
When you are adding the Simple Slider there are two css files , two js files and one font added. Remove all the Simple Slider files from the design tab.

the link is there because you didn’t delete the swiper-icon font


Thank you. I never even considered that the CSS would be tied to the existence of the font.

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