Design paragraph and heading with html-tags?

Hello, I'm really happy with Bootstrapstudio. I had the 1 year version and now the Lifetime version. Unfortunately, without an upgrade, but bought new ... Nevertheless, I have a suggestion to improve the program: It would be great to be able to better design text with html-tags like `br` or ` ` or `­`. I've only been able to do it with the custom code so far. How can I do that in paragraph or heading? For tips I would be grateful. Jan-Dirk

Sorry, the html-tag I mean are br or­ or  !

We all have made custom code components for stuff like that. Just make one for each separately so you can drag and drop it in where you want it when you need it.


+1 to what saj has said.

I have requested a better wysiwyg but not high priority at the mo as can’t see richer text editing happening soon

@Saj How does it work? I have created a custom code and filled it with the code ­. Then I put it in the library. But if I then drag and drop this code into the text, then the custom code is empty again. Can you explain exactly how this works? Many Thanks doescher

Do a search, it's been listed a handful of times on the forums.

It works with <br />, but didn’t work with &shy;, because only put in a blank space and no soft hyphen. Same with &nbsp;, ony put in a lange blank space.

So i think it would be a good idea to make these tags possible in bootstrapstudio by default, because they are important for good text-sides.

A &nbsp; is just a non-breaking space so it should look just like an extra space.

Here is what I found for &shy; It does not show a hyphen unless the word can break on that line.

U+00AD (SHY) "An invisible, "soft" hyphen. This character is not rendered visibly; instead, it marks a place where the browser should break the word if hyphenation is necessary. In HTML, you can use &shy; to insert a soft hyphen."

I agree though that it would be nice to be able to use character entities easier.


Thanx! In some case and browsers it works, so it is a beginning...

Once again .... do ... a ... search ... lol I posted this multiple times and all you have to search for is