Hi there,

While the function "Minify Javascript and CSS" is rather convenient, currently it may also cause a "stucked" state for Bootstrap Studio as it may seem. For instance, when I adapted an jquery UI component library that has an all-in-one package containing both css and slightly large js file, BSS seems to be "busy" and the application seemed to be response-less. As a suggestion, it would be convenient if we could list all of the css and js file, view its file size, and check mark which ones to be minified, rather than do it for all during export stage. It would be helpful to see verbose information during the progress. In short, export is convenient but more helpful if we could have more control over the process settings if possible.

Regards, Jemmy

The issue is very likely jQuery UI not the minification, also if you have added several JS files you may need to adjust the order of the additional JS files. Right click on the Javascript menu on the bottom right of the app and select Include order. Then drag the additional JS files in an order that works better for you. Bootstrap.js and jQuery.js can not be moved.

Third-party libraries Bootstrap does not officially support third-party JavaScript libraries like Prototype or jQuery UI. Despite .noConflict and namespaced events, there may be compatibility problems that you need to fix on your own.


Hi saj,

Yes, I understand the part about js file ordering and bootstrap/jquery js unremoveable. When I click on export and with minify OFF-ed, everything works okay. It is only when minify is ON, when export causes an issue. This is why I'm finger pointing at the export part (minify ON).