Designing transactional emails

I confess, I have not spent any time with Bootstrap Studio. Saw it, loved the idea, bought it, put it on the shelf.

Now I would like to design transactional emails. Actually, I would rather find someone to do it for me ;)

If you read the blog/help/doc pages supplied by the major vendors (SendInBlue, SendGrid, MailJet, MailGun etc etc), they seem to have a lot to say about how hard it is to get it right. So many possible devices that can receive an email.

Are they just selling their own design template add-on services, or do they have a valid point?

Has anyone used Bootstrap Studio to design transactional emails? Any tips or tricks?

I have no need for anything complex or sexy. Just want it to display correctly. An image and a bit of text.

Happy Holidays, winter 2016.

Maybe i'm wrong, but i think bootstrap is not good for emails. Styles have to be embedded, and you can't run fancy effects. So if all you need is "An image and a bit of text" just inline your css and keep it simple. BSS is a great tool, maybe you can use it for your landing page.

Email HTML isn't at the same level of development as website HTML. It's based on older HTML standards nor necessarily supports the full standards either, depending on the email program used.

Email pretty much will not include linked CSS has to be directly in the source or embedded and pretty much only CSS v1 maybe parts of CSS v2 I think would be supported.

A lot of HTML emails are still created with tables because it's commonly supported code. You can do floating etc... but it's going to be a trial and error for more advanced stuff.

I would think that the majority or what BSS does wouldn't work or even look like what you think it would.

Email will not do Javascript.


btw, i just run into this: An Introduction To Building And Sending HTML Email For Web Developers