Detachable panels would be awesome!


Firstly - I love the product, it's a great tool!

I'd love to see the ability to detach and rearrange panels in a future version - similar to how most IDE's function.

As it is at the moment, I'm finding myself constantly resizing the current panels, which could mostly be avoided if they could be floating and/or 'docked' into different parts of the UI.

Kind Regards, Michael

Already been asked for many times ?

Crossing my fingers :)

Great to see where Bootstrap Studio is heading, but I totally agree, being able to detach a panel into it's own window would greatly improve the user experience, especially when working with multiple screens.

+1 on this

Being able to undock the code editors and make them full screen with a keyboard shortcut would be awesome.

+10 for this feature. Tool is great but there is so much going on, too much for one screen if i am utilizing all of the great features.


Bootstrap Studio is a fantastic product which is really been hindered by the lack of a customisable workspace. Just being able to see the CSS full screen next to the preview on dual monitors would be incredible.

I bought an extra monitor just so I could have the tool palettes and other stuff off to the side so I can have the main screen full size. I would LOVE detachable panels!

+10 Having to resize the panels a lot especially when working on a 15" laptop. It takes a lot time in total when you have to adjust css/js panel to modify, resizing the visual part to check, and then resizing the css panel again for corrections. Need this undock function really bad!!

Will start using bootstrap studio again when this gets implemented. Working on a 14″ laptop is toooo frustrating.