Detached HTML/STYLES panel should behave like the main window within the O.S.

This may have already been mentioned, but in Windows, with multiple monitors, if you bring the main instance of a program to the "front" (make it the top window among any open windows) any child windows related to that program that are on other monitors will also come to the "front/top."

Bootstrap Studio does not do this. If you bring the main program to the front, the detached panel will stay at whatever location in the window stack it happens to be, until you go to your secondary monitor and manually bring it to the front. This is atypical behavior on the Windows platform. Programs that support detaching panels to other monitors, always follow the stacking order of the main program, no matter what window they're on.



And can we have it remember if it's open or not, along with its position, configuration and size if it is, on reloading BSS please?


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This issue has been discussed/asked for in a few threads already going back to last month, but apparently it hasn't gained traction with many users, or been seen/acknowledged by the developers.

(It would be REALLY nice if the devs let us know that they actually peruse these forum every so many of days/weeks, and whether they see our repeated requests for the same things. That way, we don't have to keep badgering like little children begging for Christmas gifts.)