Develop in Php

Can I develop in Php using Bootstrap Studio?

you "can develop in" lots of programs -- even Windows Notepad. So, I guess what you might be asking is: "What features of BSS does it have so as to "optimise" the writing of PHP in it?" And the answer to it could simply be: "No, generally not. BSS is designed to make it most suitable for the "front-end" web development, PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages -- a "back-end" task. So, the extent to which BSS supports particular types of task, you're better off simply doing a search of the forums -- on which PHP appears over 300 times. BSS is what it is.

You might also benefit from having a look at this article: Top Code Editors and IDE for PHP in 2019

And the straight answer is no, and from what I've read over the past few years it's not planned to be part of BSS, so you'll need to work around it or find another app to do your websites with.

Hello. I usually don't reply to posts here. But this one fit me well.

I used to be a pure PHP developer. Over the past 3 months I've discovered AJAX (and pointing to PHP files). By doing AJAX, I can set the NAME and ID attributes in the editor, make js files flawlessly. All I then need to do is make a php file (which i can do outside of bootstrap studio). Once you've done your work, you export, convert whatever files you need to php and you can actually be working that way.

But I'm familiar enough with Bootstrap to edit codes directly in Sublime Text (a text editor). There's a bunch of documentation over at, and guides here. Today will be the first time I'll be using the bootstrap studio editor when working with databases and stuff, I can let you know how this goes.

There are also some shares of info on export scripts that will convert your file extensions to PHP ones as well, if you don't need to convert other things that is. Just letting you know in case you were doing that manually too. :) P.S. I don't have a clue on export scripts yet so I can't tell you where the posts are, but if you look for PHP you'll find them I'm sure.

Muito obrigado pelas respostas, me ajudou muito!