Did we lose the double click to open

Seems a handful of updates ago, possibly with BS5 release we lost the ability to double click inside things like accordions, dropdowns, tabs, etc. to open and close them. I’ve tried every way to Sunday to get it to do it, but all I ever get now is the “edit text” no matter where I click. Pretty sure when we clicked the outer layer (usually the box the item was in) it would open it for us and if we clicked in further we would get the text editing setup.

Did we lose this on purpose? I noticed it quite a while ago, but I kept forgetting to post on it sorry.

If you double click in the overview panel on an accordion item. It will open and close that item. the same for the other components you mentioned

Yes and that’s great too, but that means I now have to

Click on the visual component to get it to find that item in the Overview window
Go to the overview panel and double click that item, or go to the top bar and open/close it.
Go back to the Visual panel to edit the contents of that opened item …

Before we could just double click right inside the item itself to open and close them. Was a whole lot less clicking in my opinion. I don’t like having to go back and forth and back and forth to do things, when I didn’t have to do it before that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. It does still work for Navigation components, but not for Accordions or Tabs

It depends on what version of Bootstrap you’re using. In order to open an Accordion Item, you have to double click the Item Heading.

Bootstrap 5 - the contents of the Item Heading (i.e. the Item Button) span its whole width and height by default, so you can’t double click it in the Stage. The Item Button registers the double click and initiates text editing.

Bootstrap 3 and 4 - the Item Heading has some padding so you can select it and double click it in the Stage.

You can adjust the styles in Bootstrap 5, too, if you want this to work. For example, add some padding to the Item Heading and reduce the padding of the Item Button.

Ahh ok, so we lost it LOL, not BSS fault though so I can’t complain too much on it and I did discover about 10 minutes ago that if I click things just right I can still select a menu dropdown’s parent even though it’s behind it, but … my other post hits more on the opening and closing of components.

Thanks Gabby, I can stop pulling the few strands of my hair out then lol.

I didn’t even know that you could have opened it this way :joy: