Different behaviour in CDN bootstrap (5.2.3)


I’m currently using Bootstrap Studio 6.4.0 and when I choose the “Use a CDN for libraries” export setting option it has no affect.

Also, my simple project is based off the SB Admin theme and uses Bootstrap 5.2 (5.2.3 according to local bootstrap.css file), when exported I change the locally referenced bootstrap files to those listed in the CDN (bootstrap CDN by jsDelivr - A CDN for npm and GitHub) aspects of the theme appear to be broken.

What am I doing wrong?
I would have thought the CDN copy (also 5.2.3) of bootstrap should be the same?

Thanks for any guidance.

The bootstrap.min.css file that the SB Admin theme (and the other themes) uses is a custom theme. So you will want to use the local version rather than the CDN

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