Different measures for mobile and desktop

Hello, I would like to know how I can put different measures for anything I put on the web, differentiating whether they are for mobile or desktop, ie, I want to put different measures for mobile and desktop.

Hiya Languedok!

That’s exactly how websites are done now. Bootstrap Studio helps a lot with this as it has various settings you can do and some that are already built in for you. All depends on how you proceed to create your site.

Keep in mind that websites today are built from Mobile First which means each size larger inherits from the smaller sizes unless you change a setting for the larger sizes. Hope that helps and holler if you have other questions.

thanks for your answer, but you didn’t answer my question… jajajajaja

The reason we can’t answer your question is because…

  1. There’s apparently a bit of a language barrier. Different screen sizes are not referred to as “different measures.” They’re called breakpoints, and they are controlled by media queries in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets.)
  2. Assuming you are familiar with the basics of building websites (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), but don’t have any experience building responsive websites, there’s no single, simple way to explain this in a forum post. There are entire books written on the subject. You will need to read/study how the Bootstrap framework allows a website to be responsive without having to create all the breakpoints/media queries from scratch. This software uses Bootstrap as the foundation for all the websites built with it. Learning how Bootstrap works is not a requirement to building a website with Bootstrap Studio, but it can help considerably. At the very minimum, you need to at least understand what responsive web design means/entails.

Assuming you are unfamiliar with responsive design, I would recommend you watch/follow-along with some of the earlier “how-to” videos on Bootstrap Studio’s YouTube channel.

Because they use older versions of the program in the earlier videos, you may notice some parts of the program’s user interface will be different, and there may be things missing or added in the various panels, but the videos will still do a very good job of explaining the basic concepts of responsive design, and how this software makes it easy to build responsive websites.


You can create new devices in settings to check how your site will look on those devices.
This will not change the XS,SM, MD, XL & XXL widths - which would be nice.

You can then view your design in your new device resolution.

Hope that helps.

You can easily make custom breakpoints that are different from the default Bootstrap breakpoints using Sass.

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