different projects exporting to the same location..

I'm designing two seperate websites which I have tried set to export to different locations, but when I set one to export to say "folder1" it changes to export location to the same folder in my other design.

is anyone else having this problem?

for ref. running the latest version 5.4.1

I have not observed this issue. Have you tried closing the second site before you set the export folder of the first site? I don't see how it could default to a folder it's not aware of.

I'm on Mac and I don't have this issue at all either. I would try reinstalling rbekar, save all your projects to a backup location and uninstall and reinstall the app (be sure to remove your license first if it's needed, can't recall now if you need to do that). See if it still does that then, because that's not something I've ever heard anyone complain about since way back in the beginning of the development.