Digital Products are here!

Hey folks! I’m happy to share that digital products are now supported in Reflow. You can upload files up to 1gb in size. Upon purchase, Reflow delivers unique download links to the customer via email. The store owner can track how many times each link has been used, and deactivate it if required.

Digital products without files are also supported, which enables you to sell services, reservations, and more. Note that at the moment we don’t support webhooks, they will arrive after the holidays.

Looking forward to your feedback.


Fantastic News, Many thanks for Bootstrap Studio Team for their magnificent work

hi how are you? @martin I hope you are well. I would like to ask a question. you may be able to activate the reservation, service and more part for the Free version. for which we will not use for the moment. the part of uploading digital files? this It is that I am offering my services and if it is already possible with Reflow natively it would be good to think about that.

How do we add subscriptions and reservations where there is no product to download but a link to access the paid content? Thanks, I checked the guides, they only focus on digital downloads.