Direct edit of html specially the head element and window placement options


I recently bought a bootstrap studio licence and although it is impressive on how much it helps speed things up at the same time it is impressive how many basic things it is missing. For now the most important one for me is the ability to edit the <head> element. It is really frustrating having to do it manually outside the software. Another thing you could add is the ability to popup the windows to drag and drop them outside the program window on other monitors As the bottom html/css windows are used often and it gets tiring to minimise them to see the workspace and maximize them again to write attributes or w/e specially on a laptop.

So please make this available asap. Thank you.

Although many of us will agree fully on the ability to split the Panels out of the program +100000 lol, the Head editing is already in there in the settings for global and page head sections. You can do the Meta tags or add code directly to the Head of either all pages or specific pages by doing the following:

Global: Click settings and go to the tab for the Head area Adjust Head or Meta tags etc. as needed

Page Specific: Right click over the name of the page that you want to edit, in the list of pages on the bottom right Choose Properties Adjust Head or Meta tags etc. as needed

Unless you have a lot of PHP or super heavy duty things that you need to do that BSS doesn't accommodate, there is very very very little you cannot do within the app itself. There should be very little need to edit anything outside of the app unless you need to do things like changing the file name extensions to PHP and so on. Even then a script can be added in the Export settings to automate many things for you as well. If you do some searches on the forums you'll find some examples and discussions on that as well.

Hope that helps!

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Yep it did help thank you, and yes I have found the head/meta settings thank you. for some reason I kept skipping over those tabs when was looking at the options.

As for the pop out windows yes 10000+ would be perfect :)

Thanks again for the reply.

If I edit the global <head> elements the change is not reflected in HTML panel (even after saving/reloading the design).

Is this a bug, or am I not doing something correctly?

Many thanks.