Direct export to Wordpress

Great app for really fast and reliable sites I love it! But it would be great to have the option to export the site directly into a wordpress theme

I can only speculate, but I doubt this will ever happen.

Wordpress is super specific about how things are setup. Automation would take probably a few weeks to code. That being said however, it wouldn't take a whole lot of effort to move your BSS code in to a Wordpress theme. Google for Wordpress Sekeleton Theme, or, you can use :)

I think it is not necessary to code so deep into wordpress. All these special functions wordpress and other cms uses... is not needed when we could design the whole template in Bootsstrap Studio. If there would be a special component for inserting the needed variables, the placeholders,... I think that would be enough.

  • for Worpress-users <?=get_header()?>
  • for Joomla-Users <jdoc:include type="" />
  • and for more specials lik php-users:<?php ?> component with the save as *.php
  • and one for my onlineshop :)

But this could all 1 button if we could rename it.

Developer-Team... is this much to code?? I think its the "custom code" button with a special name...

Both good inputs. That was my idea actually, to able not to put a simple navigation or header, but a "wordpress header, wordpress navigation" to automatically insert the code. But I guess the above is also possible

Thank you for the suggestions folks!

To develop a WordPress theme you almost certainly need to write PHP code at some point and execute it to test things look, which you can't do in Bootstrap Studio. This is why I think WordPress theme development is not a good fit for the app.

Maybe the best solution is to convert your code to a theme after exporting it, using one of the skeleton themes like @solace suggested.

You could export and then import into something like Pinegrow which will then allow the building and converting into a WP Theme.

I use Pinegrow Theme Converter for this. It works pretty nicely with BSS as it's designed to work with Webflow and other tools where you can export the HTML. I recommend checking out this page on their documentation site that provides a tutorial on how to take a static HTML page, import it into the Theme Converter and start assigning WP functions to the different HTML elements.

Pinegrow Theme Converter has been discussed here. It's the perfect companion for BSS

I'm glad I bought it, it already paid itself many times. It even allows recreating a WordPress template after modifying the project in BSS