Disable Ads "Designed with Bootstrap Studio" when publishing


I bought the lifetime licence of BSS. Why can't I disable the Ad "Designed with Bootstrap Studio" when publishing? It is very distracting for my clients.

Thank you, Tenzin

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

The badge is only displayed on our free bss.design hosting to help cover the costs. Sites created there mainly serve as a way to help you collaborate and show off your work in progress.

To host your finished site, you export it and upload it to your real webhost - no badges are added to the HTML then. In the upcoming 4.X releases of Bootstrap Studio we will be adding the ability to publish to your own hosting via SFTP, which will make this even easier.

Hi Martin, Thanks for your feedback. I would love to pay extra for disable that badge. Because the "publish" function is very easy.

Sadly with the new Bootstrap studio 4.0 Release my old project doesn't export the icon fonts. Could you fix that?

Thank you. -Tenzin

Can you send us the old bsdesign to our email? You can see it here: https://bootstrapstudio.io/contact-us

Ok, I did send you an email.

Thank you for the fix

One of the things I had to do to fix an icon font issue was to be sure I deleted the old folder and uploaded the new one for the fonts. I usually am selective in what I upload so I wasn't including all the things that I didn't "think" changed, so I was wrong and my fonts started not working lol.

Replace your fonts folder on your server and you should be all fixed up. :)