Disable Captcha in Smart Forms

Hello, do you plan to let user remove the Google Recaptcha in SmartForms ?

I bought Bootstrap Studio because of that feature, but now probably won't use it because of that. We create landing page optimized for UX and conversion rates, that popup with recaptcha is not appropriate at all..

  • There are a lot of way to filter spam : very simple honey pots works well
  • Google introduces many years ago an invisible recaptcha..
  • Most importantly : the best UX websites, made by the smartest design teams : they never use captcha or recaptcha because they care about their user. It's very important for UX experience to be able to filter and not ask the user do a control test just because we want to filter spam. (that's not their issue)
  • if you are afraid by deliverability and spam for your Sender Score, you may authorize users to set up their own smpt, or plug an email transactionnal api (ie we use Postmark, but similar to Mandrill or Spark)
  • and the recaptcha popup is in english, so good bye to anyone not having an english website..


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Thank you for starting this thread, fab06. As you've pointed out, the recaptcha can't be disabled. This is a deliberate choice on our end because we don't want to subject users to spam, or get our own email reputation hurt. Most people are used to recaptchas by now, so normally it isn't a problem. If you absolutely need to get rid of the captcha, the only way is to point your form to some other form to email service.

You can think of Smart Forms as a simple tool for receiving email submissions. It's supposed to get the job done and not get in the way. For everything else, there are specialized services that offer every advanced feature that you might need.

Thanks !

Then maybe at least a redirect url would be a good option (instead of success message) because it will allow other languages than english to use the smart forms ;)

Hey we need the captcha to be removed!!

The dev already said that it is not going to be removed, so yelling to do that isn't going to get you any results I'm sure.

There are other form software or services you can use that will get you the ability to remove the captcha, which the dev already said above as well. Machform allows for it which is around $120 a year, and I'm sure there are others too.