disable / hide parts of css and html code

in the css we can en-/disable each field e.g. background-color:black

I think it would be more helpful to find problems in the code, or the site when complete blocks could be disabled for testing


and if the compled css or java-file could be disabled too…

the same in the “overview” or “htmlview”
we can collaps a branch and I find it much helpful to be able to hide a complete branch.

What do you think about?

This is an interesting idea. Maybe we can add a "Disable/Enable" option to the context menu of CSS blocks. Similar to how you now enable/disable media queries, you will be able to disable the entire CSS block for testing purposes.

You can easily enable/disable CSS Code. You can use plugin for it if you are wordpress.I have used it for one of my bseap telangana results Website and it worked like a charm.You can overview type only for best results and fast loading.