Disable mouse scroll function on style.css?

Is there a way to disable the mouse scroll function on style.css editor?

The one where when you edit the number like the padding or margin pixel etc and the mouse scroll allow you to increase or decrease the numbers on it. I rather just manually type in the number on my 10-key but the Apple mouse is so sensitive when I place my hand on the mouse it scrolled the number before I got a chance it select something else on editor … ugh! lol!

I looked in the Bootstrap Studio File → Settings and I don’t see it there.

Does the same issue occur when you edit CSS in Chrome’s Dev Tools?

Interesting …

Yes, it does the same thing. I never noticed it before. It seems less touchy than the ones in Bootstrap Studio … hrmmmm

Thank you for the info! We’ll tweak the sensitivity so it behaves more like Chrome’s.

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The sensitivity seems the same in BSS and Chrome Dev Tool. I have to wonder if this is an issue with the OP’s mouse. I don’t feel this feature is overly sensitive.

I am on a Mac also, but I don’t use the Magic Mouse (not enough features for my gaming lol). No issues here though. Sounds like maybe you need to set the click sensitivity in the mouse settings maybe?