Disable shipping in ecommerce for selling digital goods

When using the e-commerce components, is there a way to disable shipping function (and avoid requiring users to input shipping information)?

For example, I’m selling digital goods, and the shipping information is irrelevant, but there’s no way to avoid it if I’m using the ecommerce components (shopping cart).


I’m honestly greatly interested in this too. I had the same thought about 8 hours ago, but didn’t muster up the courage to ask the question. Thank you for asking. I figured I could find another way around it or find a different tool :sweat_smile:

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@GregoryAM Never underestimate the power of the suggestions in BSS. They may not always do what we ask, but they will usually do it or something better or equivalent if enough people want it or if they see the need for it. In this case I would consider this something important myself (even though I’m not using it yet lol). Good Luck!


The power of suggestion and voice. :melting_face:

Im not implementing a shop yet on my site either, but it’s more so to track downloads. Since I’m in the works of multiple sub-domains, some containing software, mods, and other content I’m working on.

If the idea that digital goods does not work out on Reflow; I’m looking more into using JavaScript Dynamic Cards. Which in the mean time I’m going to be using for my digital goods page. Tracking downloads with Bitly.

Hopefully the idea that I saw on here about using a website like Reflow, but for making blog posts also becomes a reality before I reach that sub-domain.

Would be really cool to see Bootstrap Studio become a more powerful website editor. It’s already amazing just the way it is. Especially with the new content of 6.1.0.

They have said something about supporting digital selling in the future, so…

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Honestly, since I didn’t see that. I didn’t know. Thank you!

Thank you all very much for your input. Hopefully the Boostrap Studio team will notice this and implement digital selling soon!

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Happy to learn that you’re considering Reflow for your store! I can confirm that digital products are coming, but we need to implement a few important features before this. I am unable to commit to a specific release date though, we have a lot of work to do.


Awaiting an eventual option to enable/disable it, you can just do what you want through CSS (display:none; visibility:hidden;) and/or javascript if your goal is above what CSS offers. For example (didn’t check now, but it was the case some month ago), the part about shipping address should be related to these classes: ref-shipping-form, ref-address-widget. You can find these classes in the dictionnary at top of the code I posted about lang switching some months ago, or, better, you just launch your browser and hit F12 to inspect the id, classes, xpath, whatever you need to achieve your goal…

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