Disable this. (solved)

can someone disable this

? - thank you.

Why disabling that? I think such features are essential to keep spammers aways. You just simply need to be patient.

It’s part of the default Discourse forum settings to discourage spammers. Brand new accounts are limited to posting 3 topics, and 10 replies, in the first 24 hours after they join. I’m fairly certain these limits “fall off” after 24 hours.

Sorry, but none of the users here have mod/admin powers. Only the BSS developers can change the forum settings, and they may or may not see this post (or even be willing to change the defaults) by the time your remaining hours have passed. You’ll probably just have to wait. :person_gesturing_no:

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Since you can only create a forum account if you buy the software, I would say disabling the restrictions for new users could be warranted and unlikely to cause any spam

I had pretty much the same thought.