Displaying megamenu inside Bootstrap Studio

It would be really nice to display, when you create a megamenu the actual menu inside bootstrap studio. The way I’m currently displaying the megamenu inside is to disconnect it from the menu to display it and later relink the megamenu. maybe you could add a flag that you could connect / disconnect it, without doing to much coding.

The ultimate would be a megamenu calling from within a megamenu. Not sure if this is possible. This would be really a cherry ontop of a cake.

thank you for an awesome product.

Without seeing your website / what you’ve created, it’s hard to comment on whether what you’re trying to accomplish is feasible, but here’s a simple example of a megamenu I created using ordinary Bootstrap Studio Components. You could add additional menus inside this if you wanted to. This is fully editable and viewable from within BSS without having to “disconnect” anything.


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