Hi, Could someone point me in the right direction on how to separate a


in the overview panel to wrap around another div

thanks neil

Hiya Neilsweb,

Drag the div from the Components list on the top left, and drag it to the location you want to have the div in the tree at the bottom left, placing it just above all the content you want inside it.

Down starting with the top most item, drag each of the container type items from the main tree and drop them on top of the div, one by one. Be sure to grab the most top most parent item for each component part you drag so that you are grabbing all items within it.

Do this until you have everything you want located within the div.

Tip: Be sure to start from the top down, because when you drop things within an item in the tree it always goes to the bottom, this will keep you from having to rearrange anything once you have it all in there.

Hope that helps!

P.S. Hopefully in the future we'll get a way to be able to automatically enclose items within various container type items, as well as the ability to drag multiple items at a time rather than one at a time, but for now this is all we can do.

Hi Jo, Thanks very much, I'll have a play