DNS record is not yet set

Hi! I’m trying to set up the website through Bootstrap Studio with a custom domain, but I always have the same error: DNS record is not yet set..

I have already performed the procedures in this tutorial, this one and several others, but nothing works.

Searching the internet I realized that several people have the same problem, but none is definitely solved. Could someone help me with this problem?

This is my Discord: Roger “DexTiger” Windberg#3111

Best regards,
Roger Windberg.

You can try with this, go to your cloudflare dns settings and change the orange cloud to grey (DNS-only). Wait 5 min and restart BSS and check again.
Don’t forget to change the cloud back to orange when it is set in BSS

Did not work :frowning:
It still has the same error.

Visiting your domain shows that it reaches our servers successfully. Sometimes it can take a few hours for the domain to be detected due to DNS caching.

It will be more than 24 hours and so far the same mistake…

Can you post a screenshot of your cloudflare DNS config?

You need to activate the orange cloud icons next to these two CNAMEs, otherwise the hosting won’t work.

I had already done that and it still didn’t work out.

There appear to be some deeper issues with your domain. You or someone else has set up DNSSEC in the past, and now the checks are failing. This prevents the domain from working entirely until these issues are resolved.

You will need to contact your domain name register or look through their help documents. There is little we can do on our end unfortunately.

@rogerwindberg you can check domain control panel (name server setting) print screen ?

you can get nameserver cloudflare

I managed to solve it! Just disable DNSSEC and everything worked perfectly.

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