Do you know the friend product Theme Converter for WordPress


As i'm also using Pinegrow and Bootstrap, i've seen a new product, "made for Bootstrap Studio" or other editor, to convert the work done to a Wordpress template. I think it's a really good product to reinforce the use of Bootstrap Studio :-)

Here is the product, take a look at : Pinegrow Theme Converterfor WordPress

excellent product, especially with the early adopters price promo, that I gladly bought it. Has been discussed here a few times.

If you continually use PG simply upgrade to PG/WP and then you will have it. Otherwise, PG-TC is an excellent addition to BSS.

I use PG and BSS because they are very complimentary programs, and with the two, you can pretty much cover anything in static web design.

I have even suggested that the two companies should consider a merger, because each program has strengths the other lacks, and drawbacks the other addresses.

A merger?! Like dual monitors and HTML editing?

I think they still have issues with javascript implementation, but perhaps over time.

If only we could convince PG to do licensing the same as BSS! Now that would be something.

BSS is still the best deal out there by far. I expect that to be the case for a good while longer, but you never know what tomorrow may bring.

No, I meant a business merger. But yeah, then combining the best features of each program.

@marrco : sorry, i didn't view the discussion post about this companion product. The lifetime upgrade for firsts adopters is great ;-) @PervasiveRichesLLC : I've the Pinegrow WP version. But here, we're discussing about a companion software for BootStrap Studio, not the concurrent product. The Bootstrap Interface is generally better than the pinegrow one, but the possibilities of Pinegrow (full HTML edition, absolutely no locks) is far better. Different approach. @Printninja : You're so right ! :-)

I thought BootStrap Studio + Pinegrow Theme Converterfor WordPress is really a good deal for now (with lifetime upgrade for now ...)

FYI, today is the last day to get it with lifetime updates at the low introductory price. I'm using it, and it's a great companion to BSS. My suggestion is to buy it. It's quite easy to create a wordpress theme from a BSS project. And still be able to modify it inside BSS and just update the WP theme.

I really don’t like working with WordPress due to how many plugins your site is basically reliant on. But ... I did break down and get this for that occasional client that insists on a CMS. At this point I pretty much tell them that unless they know how to use WordPress and are for sure going to be taking over the site, or parts of it, that I don’t do CMS/WordPress. This I do for my own sanity since I can edit a site in BSS or any external editor a whole lot faster than in Wordpress. :)

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! LOL