Dockable / arrangeable interface

I would love this feature. I think it would be specially helpfull when having extra displays. This way you could have a complete view of the design panel in one display, and the other tools in other display. This way you could also have a better view of the code in HTML panel.

If not, it could be at least, arrangeable.


ive actuallu already asked for this and so have others so you are not alone :)

am hoping this is on the BSS backlog

Thanks for the reply.

I was reading the Ideas, and as long as I read, I couldn't find this request... Anyway I'm glad that this request was made before. I'm also hoping this is on the backlog.

Greetings :)

This was my request

Like you I want to be able to run dual monitors and seperste the panels put over them to make better use of preview and editor panels

It's deffo a good idea but the BSS devs have other things to deliver first so may take a long time