Downgrade project from BS 4 to BS 3?

Hi all,

I started a project using BS 4 for testing purposes, but used web components that are compatible with BS3. Now I want to integrate what I did with the rest of my webapp that uses BS3 and I can't find a way to downgrade the modules I used from BS4 to BS3 or copy and paste them in another BS3 design.

Is it possible to do something like this? Or do I have to re-do everything in a new BS3 design, eventhough all the web components I downloaded and used are compatible with BS3.

Any help would be very much appreciated; thank you for this amazing product

You'll need to rebuild that portion in BS3, there's no method available to go from BS4 to BS3. There are probably to many assumptions because BS4 handles things more with less classes so going from BS4 to BS3 your more likely to lose some styling that you may not be able to determine what's missing class wise etc...

You can always try upgrading your project from BS3 to BS4. Your currently BS3 project is left intact and you get a new BS4 version of your project to work with.

It is always best to save your project separately before doing things like that just in case something were to go wrong, you can always return to your saved version of the project.

I save many versions using today's date so if something where to happen somewhere along the way I'm not that far behind where I left off.