Drag and drop what am I missing

Buttons have a “move” icon, yet when I click/drag on the “move” icon the button does not move. How do I turn on this functionality?

Move to where? Are you trying to put it inside a different container of your site or are you thinking you can just drag and drop something anywhere you want? The latter is not possible, this isn’t a full drag and drop builder so if that’s the case then it’s working as intended. Let us know what it is you’re trying to do and we can probably help better. :slight_smile:

Click on the component you want to move and hold the left button on the mouse down, now move the cursor with the mouse to where you want it to be and let loose the mouse button
Like this

Thank you for the response. I can do what is in the video you posted, the “move” is not fluid. If I want an arbitrary position for a button that does not happen when using the “move” control. It has to be done manually with the controls, its fine if you know exactly what parameter to change. However its a major distraction, many years ago MS front page was excellent and you could actually “move” the control/object/whatever. Distractions are not good when you are a visual person…

Which brings us full back around to my original post saying this isn’t a full drag and drop app. You cannot just put things wherever you want on the page by dropping it there. It takes a bit of knowledge of HTML structure and CSS to position things correctly. I’m sure there are some apps out there that do that, but usually they are not free or cheap.

Placing elements on the page like you do in photoshop is not possible, because the page won’t be responsive. In order for your design to scale to any screen size, components need to be dropped within rows and columns. This is why Bootstrap Studio does it this way.

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Thank you for following up. I understand what is going on and have been dealing with it. Real estate within a container is already defined or a container would not exist. That X & Y positional data can be mapped within the boundary of a container and linked to the appropriate position controls, hence “drag and drop” is still viable within the boundary of the container.

Your marketing implies it is “drag and drop”, yes from the object selection to the stage. That is very misleading, especially if some one has used the no longer active MS FrontPage studio.

Not to change the subject, I have found it very difficult and have had to actually delete objects in order to place other objects correctly.

Since I’m not finding any clues on your skill levels in your previous posts, don’t shoot me please lol.

I would highly suggest doing some tutorials for HTML and CSS as well as Bootstrap to get some good information on how it all works together. That might help you with your positioning situation.

If you’re able to spend a little bit of cash, there’s a sleek little Mac app (which I think is also available in PC) called Mimo that is a great little teacher to help learn some of the basic concepts of web design components, frameworks and a lot more. Costs $80 a year for subscription, but I’m finding it a great little tool for brushing up as well as learning some of the concepts that I’ve been putting on the back burner myself for a while.

Either way, hopefully you’ll play with BSS enough to get the hang of how it works. Otherwise, there’s online builders like Wix which is “supposed” to be drag and drop, but don’t shoot me if it’s not, I don’t use it and it can get quite expensive as well.

I am looking for software that is intended for non-technical people (MS frontpage was perfect). Unless you do this for your daily grind it takes a ridiculous amount of time getting up to speed. As the company president I should not be doing this, however it is an extremely important part of our operation. Sadly we cannot find anyone around here that is technical enough to do it, so I am stuck doing it. I started writing code on a VAX using Fortran…many years ago. Back then we communicated by what is called dial-up service and would log onto a BBS (bulletin board service).

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maybe Xara is something for you

Thank you for sharing that information. I did look at their site and the red flags came up.

hmm dunno why you’d get red flags with it, Xara’s been around for quite some time. I have a couple pieces of their software from quite a few years ago myself. I’ve never used their site builder, but I would imagine it would be fairly decent. There’s nothing bad or fishy going on with that site. :slight_smile: