Dropdown creates two dropdown-toggle classes

I have created a dropdown and it does two dropdown-toggle classes for some reason! Also in a future update can you add an option to remove dropdown arrow which is remove the dropdown-toggle class!



Outline the steps that you took to do what you did so the Devs can see if this is a bug, or if you added a separate class in there yourself or just what happened.

To achieve this I dragged a dropdown to the nav!

lol I understand that, but outline what you did to add your nav, did you add any classes to it at all or is it all the default setup? Including typing any in at all, even if they were the default classes, anything you changed from the default, outline all the steps.

No, I literally dragged and dropped a navbar on the canvas and then dragged a dropdown onto the navbar! Then it showed two dropdown-toggle classes

Now that you mention this I went back and looked at my sites that use dropdowns and I see the same thing in every dropdown link in every site (see attached).

Can't say I've noticed where it's caused any problems though. enter image description here

Yes! It causes no problems but it should just not be there.

Thanks for reporting! It will be fixed in the next release.

On the Navbar Clean menu component the dropdown button does not function of my apple touch devices. Appears the double dropdown-toggle may be breaking this. I think "nav-item" class is supposed to be on the tag above with "dropdown" class ?