Dropdown edit names?

I'm new to BSS and learning when I drag the drop-down item in I get the div button, menu and menu items. There are three link items by default: - First item - Second Item - Third Item I can select the link item in the overview panel, but I don't see where I can change the name? I found on the menu item you can delete or duplicate to get more or fewer items, I found where to change the link to address, but can't seem to find where you replace the "first item," "Second Item."

Double click the link.

I have tried double clicking the link in both the overview panel and the HTML panel, and nothing happens. In the preview area, all I can edit is the dropdown name (button), and the links don't show up.

Click on the Dropdown component on the Preview window and it opens a menu at the top. Click open, then it shows the 3 different default links, double click those default links in the Preview window and it will allow you to edit them. So back to my original reply ... double click the link. I'm doing it as I'm typing so it does work if you do it correctly. All text needs to be double clicked to edit it.

Thanks, Jo that is what I was missing. I see that's how you add dividers and headers as well.