Dropdown-menu not working

Hello I am new to Bootstrap Studio so not sure if there’s a bug or it’s me, I am having problems with the dropdown-menu it’s not working I am getting a stair-like icon to the right but that’s about it I have tested my site files on another program with no problems dropdown-menu work it’s only Bootstrap Studio can anyone advise ?.

Hiya @orlando and welcome to the BSS app and forums!

Are you talking about in the browser it’s not working or in BSS? If in browser we’ll need more info, a link would help to the site.

If you mean in the BSS app itself, they don’t work, you would have to turn on the browser preview (top right corner of app) and check it there.


Thanks for getting back to me it’s not working in BSS app or the browser I have put on the browser preview is still not working.
I am at a lost

Is there anything I can show you or send you to work out why this is happening and have you seen the Rhombus shape to the right of the buttons before ?

its in the image in my opening text

Upload your website and give us a link so we can take a look at it. No I haven’t seen that symbol on a nav before. Is that nav from the nav’s in the app or something you got from somewhere else?

Looking inside that file looks like you are using Pingrow not BSS for that project?

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Is that the problem you think ? I use Pingrow and dropdown-menu worked to test after trying
BSS that did not brake it. The problem was there before I tried in Pingrow I uploaded a new zip file this one was not used in Pingrow if you download this file below you will see the problem is still there.

Hmm to be honest I am not wanting to figure out what may be wrong with a Pinegrow menu. You might be better off redoing the menu in BSS so that you know it will work. After all if it didn’t even work in Pinegrow … :slight_smile:

The Menu was not built in Pinegrow, after importing the template into BSS it broke the menu that’s why I was saying to download the new zip I added above the menu is working fine until importing it into BSS the problem is with BSS even when trying to make a new menu the problem is there will not work. did you try to make a new menu with the project i sent you.

No because all the files in that zip are not from BSS either. It’s missing the assets folder so I’m not sure that’s still part of BSS.

Do it this way, upload your project file from bss rather than all the site files. That would help more. :slight_smile: