dropdown not working properly

when I insert dropdown to nav bar. It does not drops downward but it drops upwards. I have also tried to change dropdown options (type = dropdown) from options panel but it works same in both drop down and drop up. I am using Bootstrap Studio 2.6.1(standard edition).

Click on the HTML pane to expose it. In the Overview pane select the Dropdown element In the HTML pan, LI element highlighted, what is the class? dropdown or dropup?

Make sure that only 1 of the classes for dropdown/up are on the element if you have both dropdown and dropup classes on the element, then the dropup class will overrider the dropdown class. If you have both click on the ATTRIBUTES pane and in the class section remove the extra class that is not locked.

If it's dropup try changing the settings again in the Options pane for Dropdown Settings Type to dropdown.

If the class remains as dropup in the HTML pane, it would seem you have a bug.

If it changes to dropdown yet it drops up, verify that this behavior is like this in a Preview setting and not just in the app. If it's in the app only it could be possible that the app is trying to compensate the location of your navbar against other elements that might cause the dropdown to be inaccessible. I wouldn't think so but just checking.

If it's set to dropdown and class is dropdown, then check to see if you have an override CSS to something along the lines of the following:

.dropup .dropdown-menu, .navbar-fixed-bottom .dropdown .dropdown-menu {

Uh, is you Navbar fixed to the bottom?


Thanks saj, In HTML panel only dropdown classes were there. Even in attributes panel, there was no dropup class. And no, my dropdown is not fixed to the bottom. I tried so may things but nothing worked. Even when I deleted dropdown and inserted a new dropdown from components panel. But it was also dropping upward. Maybe there was some CSS at the top which was causing the problem. Finally, I deleted the whole navbar and designed a new one with different class names (so that old css do not suck my blood). And now its working perfectly fine. But thanks for your support.

Glad to hear you ultimately worked it out.