Duplicate a Tabs component

If you duplicate a tabs component then all the new tab-panes get a new unique id, but the tab-items tab links are not updated they still point to the first tabs component.

BTW if you add a tabs component to your library and add it twice on a page then the tab-content tab-pane id are not updated with a new unique id. Then you have a id on more than one place op your page.

Not a bug as far as I can tell. The app never has (nor do I believe it is supposed to) add a new id for second tab component or duplicated tabs. Not sure if that's intentional though, so it can't hurt to mention it, but I'm pretty sure that's working as intended. Would be nice if it automatically adjusted those though, but I believe it's not checking for that at all, just assuming that the user understands how things like that work.

it's only the links that not get updated when you duplicate the tab component. The tab-panes have all unique id. do this and you will see. Make a new blank design drag two tabs components to the body duplicate the second tabs component now you have three tabs components on the page all tab-panes have unique id but the links are not updated on the dublicated tabs component drag a new tabs component to the body now you will have

Tab-1 Tab-2 Tab-3

Content for tab 1.

Tab-4 Tab-5 Tab-6

Content for tab 4.

Tab-4 Tab-5 Tab-6

Tab-10 Tab-11 Tab-12

Content for tab 10.

none of the links are pointing to the tab-panes with id

tab-7 tab-8 tab-9

because the links were not updated on the duplicated tabs component

I guess I am kind of lost on this. If you duplicate the tab component why would you want anything else but the duplicated tab component code ? If you add a additional new tab component it indexes the id correctly right ?