Duplicate and Rename right-click option for each Design

While it is easy to go inside the folder and perform these simple tasks (and then double-click the new file to register it in BSS app front page), but for training purposes, repetitive work with small deviation or any other reasons, it could be handy to have a Duplicate and Rename option on the outset since to me it feels more intuitive.

Maybe there could be a Delete option too if it’s useful, but I’m not too sure if it would still fit in the idea of Recent Designs category as the developers intended.

Clicking the little X in the upper right removes the project from recent items. I do like your other ideas like duplicate.

It does remove the register in BSS’ recently opened designs but what I actually meant was to remove the file from the folder itself. It could bring about a different problem though, i.e. accidental deletion, but if the action is restricted to moving the file to the Recycle Bin it would probably be fine.

Yeah, I would prefer not to have it delete projects in that recently opened window. I think that would lead to a nasty mess of accidental deletions. Since I keep all my BSS project files together in the same folder it’s easy enough to delete them there. I very seldom delete for quite a long time anyways in case I should need it again later so I just archive them to a folder within that folder and that works too. I’d rather manually delete them myself though rather than through the app. No one to blame but myself then for any mishaps lol.

I have mixed feelings on the duplicate setup, but it does sound like a good idea. I use renaming as my versioning so when ever I open a project the first thing I do is a Save As and increment/change the name, so the need for me isn’t as immediate as it might be for others. If someone were to work on a file they wanted to copy and rename the opening of the file would almost be necessary to work on it anyways so why not do it all in the same place by opening the file and (Save As) changing the name.

It’s a good idea I suppose, but I just am not sure if it is really going to save anything or help much. Just my opinion of course. :slight_smile:

I tend to agree with Jo. It’s quite easy to delete a BSS website through the O.S., and it wouldn’t really same me any time being able to do it through the program. Like Jo, I rarely delete a website once I’ve created it, because there’s always a chance I may reuse it (or parts of it) in a new job.

I suppose the advantage of deleting it through the application is that it would also remove it from the recent designs when you open the program. A site deleted through the O.S. will still show the shortcut icon in recent designs (and thus be unfindable by the program when clicked on.) Of course, it’s a simple matter to just remove it from the recent items by clicking the X in the corner.

As a general rule, I don’t like it when programs can delete files - even files created by those programs.

But I do like the duplicate idea.

I’d also like it if there were some other organizational options available on the recent items, for example, sorting the icons methods besides “last opened.” (ex. alphabetically) Maybe have an option for a list view, possibly being able to categorize them into folders. And they really don’t need to be so large. Smaller icons would allow more projects to fit on the opening screen at once.

To me there could be an option open as new. If you made some changes and later click the save button the save as dialog occur, just like it does when you have created a new design.

Even better would be if we could register a folder as my-templates and have a button between Recent Design and Tutorials in the openings window with the text My Templates, and inside bss there was a save as template dialog that saved the design in the my-templates folder with a small screenshot. In that way we could have our own templates. When click on a template a new untitled design is created with the content from the template