Duplicate muliple ... as they are in tree

Am wondering if we can get a way to have the duplicate multiple elements so that it will duplicate them in the same order they are in the tree. Sounds confusing I know, but here's the scenario:

I have a couple elements that I want to duplicate that are right next to eachother in the tree.

Element 1 Element 2

When I highlight them both, I want them to paste exactly as they are rather than grouping by type. Right now this is what it does:

Element 1 Element 1 Element 2 Element 2

What I would rather they do is paste exactly as they are ordered in the tree as such:

Element 1 Element 2 Element 1 Element 2

This would give us a lot better way to create specific groups to duplicate them to make another section of the same group. The way it is now, I have to reorder every one of them if I've duplicated it a few times or more which is just another step. Not sure if the way it is is at all what anyone would use to be honest, but if it is, I would really love it if we could have a toggle or a way in order to choose how to order them after duplicated. As is or Group by Type or whatever.

Just for example's sake and clarity, the 2 elements I have in my tree right now that I duplicated and saw they ordered by group were

Paragraph List

I needed multiple sections to be exactly like that but it gave me:

Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph List List List

So I had to manipulate the List to be between the paragraphs after duplicating. Hope that helps explain it better.

I can imagine that the duplicating method didn't really change all that much from what it initially used to do.

I think what it does it duplicates a list of things to duplicate as opposed to duplicating this group of things.

So for example it's probably doing something like this.

Paragraph (dup this)<br> list (dup this)

As opposed to doing

(dup these)<br> Paragraph<br> list

So the 2 elements are being duplicated separately like it used to do, instead of duplicating the 2 elements together as if one item.

So it's more of a dup these instead of dup this.

I hope that makes sense :)


Ya it makes sense. That's basically what I figured it was doing. Just adding the suggestion to give us the other option as well so it's more productive. Would be more logical for it to dupe them as a group rather than separately. I would imagine that that would be the most use of it. In other words, most people duping multiple items would be doing so to get another instance of what they are duping as a group. I don't imagine too many people will be selecting random multiple elements that are not already next to each other. Would be kind of messy and confusing to do that lol.

Anyways that's what I posted this for, to ask for the multiple selected items to be duped as a group and not as separate items.