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It's not the first time a message I write doesn't appear in the thread. But if I try to repost I get this error:

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Are some of my messages being hold for moderation?

I just had this same thing happen, I had to reopen the site to get my post to finally work. Hopefully 2 or 3 other duplicate ones don't show up later and if they do sorry. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed :/

Same here. This forum software is really poor TBH. I wish the devs would consider going to something more professional, like Discourse. https://www.discourse.org/

Agree, bbpress (the forum system we use here) leaves much to be desired. In a recent update they have introduced a setting which holds all comments with 2 or more links for moderation, but doesn't notify anyone that this has happened. I finally discovered it today and approved the comments that have been held until now. Hopefully you won't see errors about duplicate replies any more.

We installed discourse on a test server a couple of months ago, but it seemed quite heavy and difficult to customize. I would prefer we migrated to something lighter weight like https://flarum.org/. A migration is a lot of work though, and the upcoming Bootstrap 5 will keep us busy.

Discourse is stable and mature, what customizations are you seeking that are difficult just styling or actual features?

Flarum has been beta with only 14 releases over 5 years, the download page warnings persist not to use in production. Seems like resources that could instead be devoted to BSS would be tied up with that over time as changes occur - you’re a brave man. ;)

Well Flarum has one huge obvious advantage - it's FREE! If that makes it more likely to get a better forum, I'm all for it.

Well Flarum has one huge obvious advantage – it’s FREE

So is Discourse if you self host, you can readily find the following on their site.

Discourse is, and will always be, 100% free and open source software.

Ahh, I guess I didn't look too far into their website. I just saw "Pricing" on their top menu and assumed it was subscription-based service.