Dynamic HTML websites are possible!

I hope it’s not against some of the group’s rules, it’s a tool in which you can transform a bootstrap site into a dynamic HTML site, that is, a site with 50 pages and there is a change in the menu or footer, with a single modification The entire site is updated, without the need to modify every page.
If it’s not against the group’s rules, I’ll let you know what the tool is, but I only found a tutorial in Brazilian Portuguese.
By the way, if the BSS incorporates this technology, WordPress is in the past.


Isn’t that what the Linked Components are for? I would admit it would be nice not to have to go through each page of some of my 40+ page client sites, but how would that affect the editability?

I’m interested to see what this tool is and I promise not to yell at you lol.

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I sent a private message, your opinion is important, does the application violate the forum rules?

Looks pretty cool actually. I don’t think much actually violates the forum “rules” as much as etiquette. Go for it.

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aww, come on, let us into the secret :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ruby and jekyll

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I am confused - are you saying the Bootstrap Studio should integrate Jekyll or one the other SSGs? There are way too many in the market and people have their preferences - I like pelican and hugo a lot more than jekyll and would add too much bloat to the program. I have also used both for client sites.

If you are looking for a front end you can always add forestry.io for your clients (hugo and jekyll work out of the box while I had to do a little extra work with Pelican - Pelican site and forestry.io).

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It would not be inserting Jekyll or Ruby in the BSS, it would be using similar procedures to optimize the work, I mentioned a header and footer as an example, but it would also be very useful for the posts part, to create a dynamic way to carry out these works or adjustments in the project would save a lot of time.
Example, a site with six page links in the main menu, another twelve page links in the footer and about fifty landingpages, so the customer changes address, it takes sixty-eight page edits to enter the new address, this is just one example.
BSS is not Bootstrap, it is a program that uses Bootstrap to build websites, why not make this program more dynamic and get the same result faster?
Another issue is the creation of themes, I have other programs that even have the resource to create themes and define the typography of the site, without the need to edit components individually.
The less is wasted making these edits, the more time we have to serve new customers, not to mention that the program would become much better and would certainly be able to sell more.
I always used computers to reduce my work, services performed in seven days I started to do it in fifteen minutes, optimizing the work, switching from excel to access.
I don’t know if I managed to be clear this time, I’m bad at explaining, but I always try to optimize the work and reduce the time spent, I liked this link you gave, I’ve already bookmarked it and I’m going to study how it works.

I think you were very clear. Mostly it sounds like a way to update multiple pages at the same time for specific things. That is what we use the Linked Components for in BSS … BUT let’s say someone didn’t do that when they made the first few pages (should always do that within the first 4 pages if you know you will need it) and now you have 50 to 100 pages to change the menu of etc. Then maybe I would consider using something like this to update those things so I don’t have to go through 100 pages to add my Linked components in.

That’s about the only scenario I could see that part of this system being helpful. On a normal basis for updating multiple components that are the same on multiple pages I would always use the Linked Components.

This system does seem to have some other uses too which may be helpful. Right now I’m trying to find an easy way to add a comment system into a client’s site that I built in BSS. System has to go into BSS though as she will have a lot of updates to her site and I definitely don’t want to have to do edits after export all the time. Not sure if that’s in here too, but seems like there might be something on it.

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@gilmar I see what you are saying. I must admit I use BSS to design the HTML and have been creating clients sites in either Hugo or Pelican (with a couple of arrghhh…Wordpress sites). I then setup the repo to connect to forestry.

@jo-r if I am understanding your question correctly about comments - most SSGs have some shortcode to use Disqus.

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I must admit I haven’t added a lot of extra external things to a lot of sites, so I’m not really familiar with Disqus, but I’ve heard of it so I’ll go check it out and see if it’s something usable. The client has books on the site that she wants people to be able to comment on them each separately (and I already told her I ain’t doing anything WordMess) lol, I really hate WordPress myself too so it has to be something I can do in an html site. I haven’t looked yet at much so I’m at the beginning stages of this so Disqus will be a good start. Thanks for that tip!

As for your deal with the Designing in BSS and then editing later in external tools, if you use the included Linked Components within BSS that would probably be a whole lot simpler than having to add something with other tools outside of BSS. The beauty of BSS’s Linked Components is that there is no “Master” component, so you can edit any one of them and it will update all. It’s a pretty slick setup and to me would be more beneficial during your creation stage than not having it look right until after you export it. :slight_smile:


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If it’s possible to leave the site active so I can see it better tomorrow, I’m grateful, today I’m on duty at work.