Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Hi I do Pay Per Call marketing using Adwords and wanted to know if anyone knows how I could implement dynamic keyword insertion in my landing pages using pages I create using bootstrapstudio?

Based on what you are describing, you're looking to pull from an already existing html file that contains words that you want to insert into your landing page.

You could use Ajax, more specifically the load function. https://api.jquery.com/load/

    $("#ad-words").load("article.html #words-for-ad-spot");

That piece of Javascript will look up the file "article.html" then look inside it for the element that has the id="words-for-ad-spot" grab it and it's contents and inject it in to the spot on your landing page that has the id="ad-words". This includes HTML markup in the id="words-for-ad-spot" element. It will wipe out any previous content in the landing pages element with the id="ad-words". Then all you need to do is update the article.html files element that has the id="words-for-ad-spot" with any wording you want in it.


Thanks Saj! Honestly I'm confused looking at this but I'm sure I can get it going. Really appreciate this!

Your welcome, glad I could help :)

There are other ways of doing this as well. It's all going to depend on what exactly your trying to do and where this dynamic content/wording is coming from. People who know PHP and use PHP to do something similar to what I posted or you could use PHP or JavaScript to query a database etc... it's really going to depend on what your ultimately going to be working with.