e-commerce menu using bootstrap studio

Hi Guys,

This is probably more of a bootstrap question, than bootstrap studio I am trying to build a menu in studio like the following.


I already have the image and links setup, but how do I add the top "Log In" and "Cart". I tried adding an extra nav but studio didn't allow it. what would be the best way to achieve this?


nm, I will just add a div outside


and change its position I guess.

I'm going to assume you already know how to do the cart setup? Most shops I see with Cart and Login links are not done by hand, but use premade shopping cart systems that already have all that incorporated. Not being a php programmer, I myself would use something like Magento or Cubecart or something like that which is usually already pre-installed on your cPanel if you have a decent hosting company that provides them for you. Just a heads up there in case you weren't a programmer and wouldn't know how to set it up. :)

Actually I am a 100% back-end PHP developer for years now, its the front-end part where I struggle a bit.. I just don't want to create unnecessary stuff in css/html but I am getting there :).


Ahh gotcha, glad to hear it and good luck with it then!