E-mail adress change


I have not found any place to change the e-mail address connected with my licence key. Due to many spam mails I need to change my address. I have stored the license key. However, any other person that obtains my old e-mail address later on can retrieve the licency key, too. :roll_eyes:


This is definitely not something you should be posting on the public forums. Hopefully an admin will remove this so the info isn’t public.

In the meantime contact support directly to handle this issue.

I only asked for where to change it. Why shouldn’t this be public?

Well it’s not about the changing, it’s about telling people they can access your license. Pretty much at this point, anyone that has any idea of your email address can access your license and you’ve made it totally public now. Forums are typically open to scans by search engines such as Google and every post is public to searches so … that’s why I say it’s something that shouldn’t have been disclosed. Hope that explains it better.