Easy Paste Linked

So you have pasted a linked item in your site and now you have 25 pages to paste linked that item to. You don’t have to right click and chose paste linked for every one after that. Just copy one of the already linked components and paste normally with that one. Ctrl+V is your best friend here as you can just do that to paste your linked item now because the one you copied is already linked and it passes on those linked settings that way. Hope that helps, enjoy!


Isn’t this what the copy to multiple feature is for? You highlight your component, select all your pages, flip the linked copy switch and then click copy? Or am I missing a bigger picture here? (It’s been a very difficult last week, so I may be having a senior moment.)

No actually you just taught “me” something. I have yet to use that feature and forgot it was there. So many features come through this app that half of them are gone in my head lol. Thanks for the heads up on that, but my post is still relevant for quick paste linked when you just want to do a few or you want to make sure they go to a specific place on the page (unless that multiple setting can do that too?).

I have used this feature many times. Using copy to from the Copy & Paste section, you are able to copy any item to any page you like, a new page, or by selecting Multiple…, you are given the option to select multiple pages, all pages, and whether you want then linked or not. The only draw back is that the item will be put at the end of your page. It is a great feature thanks to the developers of Bootstrap Studio.

No, that’s one of the frustrating things about the “paste to multiple pages as linked item” feature. It doesn’t pay attention to where the component is on the source page. It just pastes the linked component at the very bottom, after all the other components on the page. I guess it has to work this way, because you could be pasting to pages with completely differently layouts, so it compromises and puts the linked pastes on the bottom.

It would be nice if it gave you the option to put them at the very top, or perhaps before or after another linked component that is common to all pages, but that’s getting kinda nit-picky. I mean, it’s not that hard to drag components where you want once they’re on the page.

I find this is where the planning aspect of building a new site comes into play. I pretty much have three sections that are common/linked across all my website’s pages… the navigation, the header (when appropriate) and the footer. So from the get-go, I do those three, and then sometimes I may do a fourth (a content section) that I’ll selectively unlink as needed. It depends on how “homogenous” of a look I am shooting for across a given website.