Ecommerce Shipping Error

In the Bootstrap Studio Ecommerce tool, I have a problem where I assigned a Free Shipping rule called “Pick up or No Delivery Required” for products that are greater than $0.50 and Weigh Less than 1 pound and the purchaser were in the United States. The reason I was doing this was because I had created a product for donations, and no shipping would be required for that.

I plan to sell physical items too, so I can’t just make everything Free Shipping.

I also had a Shipping rule for “Free Local Delivery” if the purchase were over $75 and within a shipping area of a few local cities, I would deliver the products for free (or could ship them free).

I assigned a weight of 0.1 pounds to the Donation product (so that any donation would be less than 1 pound and also greater than $0.50 to qualify for Free Shipping.

When I was testing the checkout process, I added a $1 donation to my cart and proceeded to check out. My address is within my setup shipping area for “Pick up or No Delivery Required”, the product is over $0.50 and the shipping weight is less than 1 pound, so it should ship for Free. However, in the checkout process, it said that it doesn’t ship to my address. I looked it over and over and it should have worked.

It wasn’t until I disabled the Shipping Rule for “Free Local Delivery” and tried to check out again that it finally proceeded onto the payment.

I’m guessing that the code doesn’t allow it to check multiple shipping rules. My test purchase for the donation product was $1, so that was less than the $75 for the “Free Local Delivery” shipping and it just stopped there and said it couldn’t ship to me. I had no other rules, other than these two, so there were no options for shipping other than these two at the moment. I’m just now setting everything up, so haven’t gotten to that part yet.

An additional request that I have that would fix my issue, however it wouldn’t fix the overall issue if the coding is in fact errored in that it stops after looking at the first shipping rule, is to have a check box for each item labeled “Free Shipping”. That way no rule is needed to be created and as long as it is marked to have Free Shipping, it would ship free.

Hopefully someone can take a look at this and correct if they find the same error.


Thank you for the thorough report!

Most probably the issue comes from the order of your shipping zones and the configured shipping methods.

Shipping zones can be reordered so that some take priority over others. Only the first matching zone is checked and I’m guessing your “Free Local Delivery” is first (top priority).

While testing the $1 order you probably entered an address that is within both zones but since “Free Local Delivery” is top priority that was the zone used. As you’ve correctly suggested, this checks the rules, sees the order doesn’t qualify ($1 < $75) and shows an error message.

There are a couple of things you can try to fix this:

  1. Make sure the “Free Local Delivery” zone is limited to only the area you want it to cover. Use the City or Postcode regions for that. Avoid Country and US State regions as those might be too broad.
  2. When using free delivery shipping methods in a zone, always add a fallback flat rate method as well. This way when an order in that zone does not qualify for the free shipping, there will be another option available.

We are aware this configuration process is a bit confusing. We’ll try and improve it in the future to make it more comprehensive and user-friendly.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, please let us know.

Thanks for the clarification.

I was initially under the impression that when setting up a shipping zone, I needed to Add Country, State, City, etc., but thinking about it after you said it, it makes sense to only add the specific city, etc.

I also did have the “Free Local Delivery” ordered first, and after reordering it, and making the shipping zone changes, it worked.

I appreciate the help.