Edit, Delete, Overwrite Uploaded Component

@martin Hi Martin. I uploaded a couple of components. After uploading them I tried them out and there was a couple of things I would have changed. Is there a way to either edit, delete or overwrite an uploaded component? If not, could this feature be added? Thanks

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It would be good.
I have already mentioned this.

I never noticed your post but hopefully it’s been brought to the attention of the developers again. :grinning:

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It turns out you can delete shared components.

Unsharing Components

To remove a component from the Online library, right click it in the User group, select Share Online and then press the “Unshare” button. The component will no longer be visible to other users in the Online tab but previous installs will remain unchanged

You can then delete the component from the user group, edit your component then add it to the library again. Reshare it agian and there’s now only one online version.

I know.
It was my suggestion to update the ingredients.
So what you write is okay.
Update without new uploads and deletions. That was the point :wink:

I get your point. It would save a bit of messing about.

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The only downside to unsharing, deleting, and resharing components is that you lose any comments that were left and the record of how many times the component was installed. Not major issues, but still…

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I agree. I need some change.