!! Edit display and position from Options

Sorry for abusive posting ^^

I think It's a priority to permit the edition of display property as well as position property from options menu

the property line-height also matters :)

+1 Yeah, I hope this feature will come soon

+1 for sure!

Thank you for the suggestion! The different Display and Position values are difficult to explain to beginners, which is why we've left them out of the Options panel. Full control over the CSS is just a click away, so I don't think that having Display and Position in the sidebar would be especially beneficial. Of course, if there is a valid reason for them to be in the Options panel, we will add them, so I will love to hear your thoughts on this.

Just trying to look at this from a beginner standpoint. There is a lot of help on the web that explains Display and Position enough that you could utilize some of those tutorials or explanations in your documentation for that if you added those in there. I personally would love to see a lot more of those types of options, and in the end you're limiting those of us that "do" know what they mean into having to manipulate it in harder ways just to help the "beginners" that should be learning this stuff before they use this app.

Trial and error is a great way to learn as well, and that's how I learned a whole lot about what I do know and how I learn a lot about what I don't lol. I just really am disappointed when I see that the app is steering more towards the beginners than to those of us that have already worked so hard to learn things and make it easier for us.

I know we had this conversation a while back about beginners vs. educated (or even slightly educated). Seems that the app has gone back to beginner status again when I had thought we had discussed it that day with the idea that the app was not meant for beginners, but beginners could still use it and learn. That's not what I'm hearing now and I'm starting to wonder if there will be a lot more of these "restrictions" in order to placate the "beginners"? I do hope not and I do hope that you will change your mind on these types of settings to give those of us that know these features an easier way to use them rather than worrying about who it will confuse.

The confused need to go learn. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot I don't know about, and a lot I know "some" about, but I still plug at it when I need to know something about HTML or CSS. I look it up, I find tutorials, I do what I need to do to learn the basics or more of what I need to do for a project. Why should I and others like me or even much more educated than me have to suffer for those that don't want to take the time to learn?

There's a ton of apps out there, and online builders, etc. for those that don't know what they are doing. Please don't make this another one of them. :/

+1 Jo

We do need the complete and efficient software we are looking for here... Maybe add a toggle to an advanced mode ?

+1 Jo

If a absolute Beginner wants to create his own website... it is a great feature that BTS creates great code, so every Beginner can learn how to make HTML and CSS.

But I think there is absolutely no need to produce a software that resists all Beginners. In my option, each Beginner MUST learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and even Bootstrap.

Bootstrapstudio is a tool, and everyone who use it, should be able to create a simple website without any tool.

Nobody is making a hammer out of plastic, because some babies could be hurt. The hammer is to put out of the reach of babies.

Or in other word... IF you make your hammer out of plastic... only babies will use it!! And these babies will never grow up.

Position options are a must! I was looking forward to using the handy sliders for some absolute positioning of elements, to get them just right. One of the main reasons I got this software was for easier visual design, rather than tweaking numbers in a stylesheet. Also, if I'm editing other things in the options panel, it just seems weird to not have position options right there as well.

I am a baby with this software, but I think you should add every option possible... we beginners can learn anything that we truly want to learn.

I still believe that you need better, more indepth video tutorials. I am a visual learner myself.

+1 on not making things too easy and forcing users to learn basics

Sorry for necro posting, but has this been implemented yet? I'm looking for setting absolute positioning and the top, right, bottom and left value. I came back to Bootstrap Studio, because I'm making a design mockup with Bootstrap, now. Yes, I will edit my CSS now, but what's the point of Bootstrap Studio if I have to edit my CSS by hand whatsoever?

A good think on Bootstrap Studio is that it sets the right classes for me, without knowing them. Without the option panel many people go for writing their CSS instead of using classes, when not reading up https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/utilities/position/

I see no where that it says "Bootstrap Studio = Everything done for you and you need not bother with code". That's not the case, and hopefully never will be the case. I like having that good combination of both and I'm very sure most of us that use this app do. In fact, most of us would like to see "MORE" code ability such as the HTML code editing. If you or anyone wants to build a website without having to have any knowledge, this is not the app to use. Period. Find another one because it's not meant to be another Wix, etc. Don't come in here expecting devs (for any software, not just this one) to alter the way it works just because you or anyone else lack the knowledge needed to create what the app does for them (in this case, web design coding skills).

Having said that, you don't sound like someone without any knowledge, and I fully agree on the CSS issue and it's been told to them many times already that there needs to be some way so the app does "NOT" default to inline CSS. Any kind of check at all would help.

I would love to see it do that within the first minute of opening a project. Popup maybe even when a project is open, that asks where you would like the Styles written when using the Look and Feel settings. It remembers from there on until you change it to another file or whatever, so after that it's fine, it's just that initial first one of the session that is needed. That would clue the newbies to the app in on how that part works at least, and tooltips could be used (or little info boxes on the side of that little popup window) to tell them that their choice will be saved until they either change it or close the project.

Anyways, I digress as usual these days. The app isn't a no-code needed app, and yes we do need something to help people deal with the CSS locations in Look and Feel.

I Need to correct my last post as apparently the "Look and Feel" has been combined into the main Options tab now. So where I say Look and Feel in my last post, replace that with Options tab :)

Hey Jo,

thanks for the reply. I have no problem to code the website, but if the option panel isn't even complete with the simple stuff, I can use VSCode right away, because I consider this going back and forth between code and options panel more annoying. I bought this software to make quick Bootstrap Mockup Designs. The idea of the software should be to simplify things so they can be done quicker. If it's forcing me to code for simple design mockups it fails its point. Maybe I mis-interpreted the purpose of this builder then. I know it targets to build websites, I thought this would include design mockups.

Another thing that I mentioned before is the fact that when you use the option panel, it would use CSS classes of Bootstrap instead of setting the CSS itself inline. Thinks like the "position-absolute" class are great. It's great to use the option panel, because I don't have to remember all the classes, so I believe it would be helpful to feature the absolute positioning stuff in the option panel, too. At least for others who don't know such classes.

Please implement this... it's something so basic.. positioning is hell in Web design

@azrinsani Don't bother on it. Developers seem to give a shit on the suggestions of paying customers.

Martin Angelov said

Of course, if there is a valid reason for them to be in the Options panel, we will add them, so I will love to hear your thoughts on this.

yet, he didn't respond to all the good thoughts in this thread, I've read plenty of good reasons to implement this in this thread.

I'm done with Bootstrap Studio for good. It was the same hassle when it came to GDPR and implementing fonts local, instead of using Google Fonts. It was a nightmare to build a solution for this, because this builder is so narrow and stubborn in its way it wants to do the things, exclusively.

First off, as I said before and many others have as well, this app is not your Wix site builder where everything is done for you. If you have the knowledge needed to position things within the app, then it's a breeze and not necessary to have it in the Options at all. It would be a nightmare trying to work out how to do that in an Options panel for those noobs that expect this app to do it all for you without any coding knowledge.

@marty I've had plenty, and I would say at least 75% of my own ideas added to this app, as well as so many others that have asked for features so your comments are not only rude, but unfounded since you're talking about 1 single little feature versus the dozens+ that have been added that users have asked for. GDPR isn't something the app should be doing for you, it's something you need to work up for your site. All the tools are there to do so, you just need to know how to do it, simple as that. Importing Fonts has been part of this app for probably a year (give or take a couple months since I've lost all track of time over this Covid period). You make it sound like it was never implemented, it was and if you're unaware of it that's entirely your own fault not the developers.

Other than that, Positioning is not hard once you have a good grasp of Flexbox and website structure in general and how it's done in Bootstrap. These are all things you need to know how to manipulate to use this app. Somewhere down the road when all the more important features and adjustments have been done, maybe they will take another look at this feature request and add it. Nothing says they won't ever, just that right now it's more work for them to try to explain how it works to people that don't have a clue than it's worth. Better to let people learn how to do it (as they should anyways) than add on to the workload of the developers.

AND I personally (and I'm sure I speak for many on the forums here that help a lot) do NOT want to have to take up that slack either and that's what would happen so ... no, this app isn't ready for that feature yet.

Take care and I hope you find what you're looking for @marty