Edit in context menu for HTML-View

I have following HTML code

<div class="row">
<label class="my-auto"></label>
<input type="text" class="ml-3" />

As the label is empty it is not accessible.
Even when selected in HTML the blue menu in preview is missing (bug?)

For the usability it would be great to have an ‘Edit’ in the context menu when rightclicking the HTML object or, to minimize clicking, a doubleclick on the element could be used.

If there is an other way to edit the label pls let me know


Not sure how you did it the way you show as no Column element is in there and it should be. Are you using a Custom Code element? That’s about the only way I could think of that it wouldn’t work right as above.

Using the elements in the Studio Tab go to the Grid section of the list and drag a Row into your project, then go to the Form section drag a Field Label into the row using the Overview panel below the elements panel. This will create a Column at the same time. Now drag the Text Input int the Column and place it below the Field Label or just drop it onto the Column and it will go there automatically.

Now add your classes using the Attributes panel under the HTML Panel and you should be all set to go. As soon as you drag the Label in you should see the text to be edited.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: