Edit Text in the HTML window

I would really love the ability to edit the text directly in the HTML Window, preferably by doing a double click on the text to activate the edit capability. Maybe have it highlight the entire line at default when double clicked as in most cases that text will be replaced and a single click unhighlights making it simple to edit only parts of the text if that's what you want to do.

I'm so very used to coding more than visual and I find myself constantly clicking in there to try changing the text and then realizing I can't, and I would feel so much more comfortable if this ability were added.


I agree that it would be great to have and would make things easier but then also opens up the ability for mistakes that could break a users design site which is why BSS devs allow html editing, it's also one of the reasons why BSS is so good as you can't break anything.

I think the BSS guys have already catered for this with custom component but that does have limitations and negates the the ability for drag and drop.

I understand what you mean on that Chris, but truly if we're using this program, we have enough knowledge to know what not to edit so it doesn't break the design. If we don't have that, then we shouldn't be using this program in my opinion, as it's not a noob type setup at all. You really do need to have a clue on HTML and CSS as well as how to at least implement Javascript and PHP items. This alone says to me "this is not a drag and drop visual designer for the person that doesn't know how to code" this is an app to help shorten the amount of time it takes to design for those of that that do know how to code. Granted I'm far from an expert in any of this, but I have enough knowledge I think to know that I should not change anything else other than the text so that I don't break my design.

I have no idea how something like this could be implemented, even if they made only the text areas of the lines that have text in them editable that would be great. Anyways, it's a suggestion. Those of us used to coding things ourselves (and I'm sure I don't speak only for myself here lol) would find it more helpful to edit the content text areas of the HTML than having to use a visual builder to change your text.

I am only talking about content text editing here, not the code itself, that part is perfect just the way it is.

totsly agree with you Jo and I for one would find it easier to edit the text in the html editor.

But if it were to be changed then I would like to see the option to select a section of text, right click and open a pop up window rich text editor, which could also pull in any custom heading/paragraph classes in users CSS to really beef up the users ability to edit content.

I fully agree with you on that, it would be even more helpful if something like that were implemented.

Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% grateful to be able to do things the way they are now, just would find it so much easier to be able to edit it in the HTML area (without having to turn it into custom html code) whether it be a popup window or right in the code. I'd be happy either way, and happier if it were a rich text editor popup.

@BSS DEVS - is this something that could be possible at some point?

It can be done, but only for editing text. You won't be able to edit HTML this way. Everything you enter will be HTML escaped. It would still be useful when you wish to quickly change the text of an element though.

The reason why HTML editing isn't allowed in the HTML panel (and also why importing HTML files results in a Custom Code component) is that it is impossible to recognize what Bootstrap components are used only from looking at the HTML code. It can be done in some cases, but it won't be reliable. And nearly everything that Bootstrap Studio does depends on the app knowing what components are used on your pages.

We work around this limitation with the Custom Code component - Bootstrap Studio ignores its contents so you can write whatever code you wish there. But you lose all the smart features that set Bootstrap Studio apart from other apps.

Not a problem, if it can be done to just edit the text that would be perfect and would make editing text much quicker when all you want to do is the text and don't need any of the other bells and whistles (styles) that go with the visual editor. I can see how it could be messy for the app to be able to know what's externally added though.