Drag and drop from Suggested to Card not working

When I highlight a Bootstrap 4 card in my overview panel, I can see under Suggested, Card Header, Card Body, and Card Footer.

Actual behavior: When I drag and drop Card Header. either onto the Card, or attempt to drop it anywhere in the card, nothing happens.

Expected behavior: Bootstrap Studio adds a card header to the card.

I’ve closed Bootstrap Studio and reopened my project and at this point, there is no way for me to card headers or footers.

As an aside, it would be really, really, really nice, if we could manually edit the HTML to add things we want instead of only relying on Studio interface.

You can find various threads where @martin (developer) has discused that various times as to the why.

Once you do so it disrupts the programs abilities. So even when using the external editors feature the ability is disabled for the same reasons.


If I add a Card and then click on the Card a toolbar at the top appears and it gives me the option to Add to Card

Card Header
Card Body
Card Footer

That seems to work.

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When I add a card it already has 2 Headings, a paragraph and 2 links in it to start with. These are not locked so you can duplicate, delete, edit them all including the card and column that contains it all. What part of this is not helping you?

I’m confused here also because no matter what I try, I do not ever get any menu at the top to add the card parts to the card. I only get column changing options.

Are you guys both on the most recent version of the app? I am and neither of your issues are faced on my side.

Mac version here if that matters at all.

I tried it. Added a card and got the same headings, paragraph and links as jo, and I also got the top menu with the suggested items, as twinstream did. Windows 7, latest BSS version.

Yes, those all exist within the card-body. I’m talking about card-header and card-footer. A header within the card-body is not the same as a card-header.

These cannot be added via the Bootstrap Studio interface at present. They’re greyed out and I cannot drag/drop them onto my card. On macos (5.5.1), I do have Add To Card on the top menu, but I don’t get this same menu when I highlight Card on Windows.

I suppose if you want a card-header inside the card-body you could just drag a div into the card-body and add the class card-header.

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Here is what I’m seeing on Bootstrap Studio 5.5.1 on Windows 10.

I can confirm that in 5.5.1 when nesting a card in a column the toolbar for the column shows not the card when the card is selected. We should see the card toolbar.

Ok so then I’m seeing what you are seeing too, as I don’t see a card toolbar either, I see what is the same that screenshot, column positioning toolbar, and the suggested items are greyed out as well.

Mac Version: High Sierra (till the new year with new Mac Mini on it’s way! lol)

I guess you should send this via the link for bug reports on the BSS homepage. I think it gets a bit more attention than posts in the bug forum.

Thanks. Submitted a link back to this forum post. LOL

Thank you for reporting this issue! We will fix it in our next update (after the holidays).

Until then a workaround is to drop a card somewhere else on the page, and use the toolbar.