Editable html (beyond custom code) & CSS commenting

The custom code component is great, but it would be nice to able to edit the html that is not linked to custom codes and to be able to add html comments in Bootstrap Studio itself.

From what I've read on here a lot of people want php support, I also understand why that is not necessarily a quick or easy thing to add to software that isn't intended for php. My idea is that if you can add html code in the panel directly you can theoretically add your php code and comment it out until after you export. Your project would still export in html, but after export you simply change the extensions manually and remove the comments from your php lines. This could reduce the amount of Custom Code components to sift through in your overview panel and might be an achievable middle way to php support.

Additionally the use of CSS comments could also be a great feature, the comments could be added in a similar was as new CSS blocks.

Feel free to yell at me if none of this would work, just tell me why after.

YELLING I AGREE! coughs oh, um not the kind of yelling meant? sorry hahaha.

I totally agree that there needs to be a lot more versatilitiy to editing the HTML and that the Comment tags need to be added to both the HTML and the CSS too since we don't have that there yet either.

Until then, use labels on your DOM Overview list. Right click, choose label, and it will put a label on the tag that is just there temporarily in the App but doesn't affect the code. It won't help for when exported unfortunately, but will definitely help for recognizing items for what they are. I use labeling a lot so I don't have to sift through the Overview list to find the "right" one.

How about a Component "Html" (unlocked or custom) that gets put inline with BSS locked? So a user wants to add Html and goes to Components and quite logically does a search "html" and there is nothing.

I honestly would love to see a better html editor within Bootstrap Studio. I have been using t for about a week now and love it. The problem that I am facing which really isn't a problem (just a little bit of a pain). I export the files, then use Sublime Text to go through the code to make a adjustments. It would be nice to make the HTML tab an editor so you can give the developer the ability to make changes.

Just my opinion.

Thank you for starting this thread!

We would love to add such functionality, but I am afraid that it is not possible to have unrestricted HTML editing and drag/drop functionality at once. It is either one or the other, and I think that Bootstrap Studio has made the right choice in preferring visual editing. Our Custom Code component can go a long way in giving you full control when you need it, while retaining drag/drop and other smart features for the rest of your page.

We will make visual editing even better in the future. We released version 2.6 a few days ago that makes it easier to edit CSS, and we have a lot more planned. But being able edit the HTML outside of Custom Code would unfortunately never be possible.

The CSS commenting is an interesting suggestion. I think it won't be difficult to insert comments on top of CSS blocks, like we do for media queries at the moment. Comments in between CSS properties would be quite confusing though.

Would love CSS commenting! It would also be nice to be able to have a way to enter a large chunk of CSS - kind of like a CSS custom block that gets parsed when you hit a button and converted to legit block items. I know CSS file can be imported but sometimes you just need to paste a few items.

@Bolora this is already possible - paste raw CSS in an empty selector, and it will be parsed.