Edit Text

When you edit a text you have 4 choices Bold, Underline, Strikethrough and link.

How about to have Font, Font-size, Color and Background-color to. I mean you mark a word in your paragraph and change color and font-size on that word in the paragraph

This is what <span> is for.

Yes I know the use of <span>, but it's the same when you edit a text in a <span>. In the tool bar you have the 4 options Bold, Underline, Strikethough and Link. I meant that you also in the tool bar have Font, Font-size, Color and Background-color. So you just mark what you want to change in the text quick and easy and BSS add what needs to be added.

Agreed with print ninja - use to span is what you should be doing and then creating a class in your style sheet to apply.

If any improvements were to be made then I would prefer to see a rich text wysiwyg editor function implemented that allows us to create styles that could be referenced in within said wysiwyg ?

Yep, agree with these 2, span would be your choice and adding classes for that would be the best way around these settings. Otherwise you are going to end up with a ton of inline styles and you definitely don't want to have that happen, makes it a lot more work for editing.