Edit the Label from an Navitem

I’m not finding out, how to change the label of an item of Navbar.
I tried to “Edit” the link component under the Nav Item component (Where the label apears as html in the class), than click on “Show Toolbar”.
There are no option to edit the label, only formatting options.
This seem to be a bug.

In the structure panel, middle mouse click on the element you want to change the label of.

Hi @richards.
Thanks for your answer.
Sorry, I ended up expressing myself badly.
I meant the Label (the text for each Navbar Item) that appears to the user when opening the Navbar.
The internal Label is only for reference for the designer.
If i include a new “Nav Item” the text/label that is assumed is “link”.
Looking at the HTML pane, this text/label “link” is part of the <a call=“nav-link”, but there is no option to change it.

Just double click on the nav item in the main window

Hi @richards.
The double click would be on the Link component below the Nav Item.

But now I studied better the details.

I’m using the “Stylish Portfolio” Design as basis of my project.
The navbar in Stylish Portfolio has no Brand and is ever collapsed, regardless of the chosen screen size. The Nav Items only appears in Preview. In design mode they never will be shown.
Today I compared the “Stylish Portfolio” Design with “Bold & Dark”.
In “Bold & Dark” it works, but in “Stylish Portfolio”, not.

I tried to change a lot of options from “Stylish Portfolio” to the same of “Bold & Dark”, but could not have the same behavior in both.

For me, there is a bug.

I found a workaround to temporarily edit the text/labels:
In Navbar I changed the Option “Positin” from Default to Fixed to top. So the double click on link works. After edited, I returned the Navbar option to Default.

But this is a surrounding that is not documented and I would not expect to be the solution.

You can try it yourself using both Designs.


In the “Stylish Portfolio” you add the class active to the Navbar “sidebar-wrapper” to open the menu and edit the menu. You can add custom options with a switch that toggle the menu to easy toggle the menu in BSS

Sorry @kuligaposten, I don’t understand.
As I noted, this class is there in the Design. I have not changed anything.
I only need to change the text/labels. Is this not provided by the BSS. To me it seems to be a bug, because when I double click, nothing happens. At least one message I would expect, as there is no manual describing this behavior.
I like BSS very much and suggest it for everyone.

Thanks for your answer.
I didn’t know about this feature “Custom Options”.
I have tried to create one on my Navbar but without success.
This is really new for me.
Can you give me the stone path for creating this one?

I saw this, but I’m in doubt of the attribute/value to use

I would highly suggest you go through the Docs and learn more about the app. This issue you’re having is going to be prevalent in not just Nav’s but also Accordions, Dropdowns, Tabbed Components and others. You really need to get a handle on text editing for those. Good Luck!

P.S. Docs can be found in the top menu for this website, and the main website.

Hi Carliedu,

Is it the page "<title> Home Page </title>" you want to change? If so, do the following…
on the design tab go to the pages list and right click the required page and select Properties. The popup window allows you to rename the page title as well as a few other SEO items.

Hope this helps