Editing a dropdown menu item with Custom Code will crash BSS

I have created a tablist, and to the right - a dropdown.

I wanted an <input> at the top to be able to create a filter on the drop down, and started with a placeholder - And when I then try to remove my placeholder <input field to filter list> BSS will crash.

I can re-create the error, so here is WeTransfer link to download my .bsdesign file (valid for 8 days)


Here is what it looks like: Dropdown with custom code

And here in BSS: Codeview

If I either double click the placeholder I've made, or click the pencil to edit - BSS hangs. enter image description here

Regards, Michael

A quick fix is to remove the custom code first, then edit (Read: remove) the placeholder within the Menu Item, and then add the Custom Code again.

I suppose the real question is how did you convert to custom code or drag in the custom code component? As I'm unable to do either, maybe that's where the problem lies. It's not supposed to be there :)

Neither BSS 3 or 4 allow me to alter the menu like that of a dropdown.


I dragged the custom code into the Menu Item.

Here is a video - In a blank project - in the latest version (updated this morning) - 4.2.2.


Yeah I was able to dulipcate it yesterday after I restarted the app. For whatever reason I couldn't get the Custom Code to drop into the Menu Item. I was also as the time getting a styled dropdown rather then the unstyled dropdown I ended up getting and like your video shows.

I think the issue may stem from the fact that the input is inside an HREF element. Rather that anything related to custom code. I think it maybe a similar issue there used to be related to putting an input inside a table cell. That used to cause the same thing your experiencing now.

I think the problem may lie with the fact that when you try to click in there the app is having difficulty in figuring out if your trying to select the link or the input.

I'll see if I can test that out in a few minutes.


Yeah I recreated a list with a sub list and a custom code block in the sub list with an input and it locked up when I tried to select with in that LI with the input.

I really think it's related to the inability of the app to determine if you're trying to select the HREF (LI in this case) and the Custom Code block or it's input element.


@Saj I have received answer on my bug report, and its a glitch in the code. As @Martin wrote me:

It is caused by an issue in Chromium (which the Electron framework uses).

We will implement a fix for the next release.

Great good to hear :)